Nodar Artist Residency Programme for 2009

The Nodar Media Arts Residency Programme for 2009 is defined and will occur throughout the year in five modules, (between March, 15th and October, 31st), with the presence of 19 artists from different geographical origins and artistic backgrounds, who will develop their art projects in the rural village of Nodar and adjacent territories.

These are the key points for this year’s selected projects:

1. Three Estonian visual artists (Peeter Laurits, Anna Hints and Svetlana Bogomolova) were invited to work in Nodar under a cooperation agreement in place with MoKs, a cultural organization and artist residency located in the village of Mooste.  Concurrently, Binaural invited four Portuguese artists to develop an art project in Mooste: Dinis Santos, Andrea Brandão, Ana Carvalho and Bruno Humberto.

2. For the first time since the inception of Nodar Artist Residency Center there will be an important presence of Portuguese artists in Nodar (Rui Silveira, Joana Nascimento, Sérgio Cruz e Marta Bernardes), which reveals, firstly, a growing interest by the Portuguese artist community in an exploratory and context-specific art practice and secondly, an increase of quality of the art projects proposed by an emergent group of Portuguese multidisciplinary artists.

3. A selection of sound art projects based on Nodar’s acoustic context that propose innovative modes of sonic capturing, composition, perception and/or projection. In this respect can be mentioned the project proposed by the Brazilians Luciana Ohira and Sérgio Bonilha, who will build a series of solar-powered lo-fi sound devices that will be scattered in the landscape, therefore mixed with the landscape’s own sounds, the Berlin based Japanese artist Satoshi Morita who will create in Nodar a series of multi-track recordings that will be later reproduced through a series of own-built sonic helmets to induce the listener in a both audible and tactile sonic perception, or the US sound artist Ben Owen who will use seismographers and geophones to capture underground vibrations and transform them into audible elements. Other internationally known sound artists to be present this year in Nodar are Jason Kahn, Melanie Velarde, Duncan Whitley and Jez riley French.

4. Projects that reflect on certain aspects of Nodar’s local reality, such as traditional architecture (Rui Silveira, Jez riley French), the animal world (Marta Bernardes / Ignacio Martínez and Sérgio Cruz), abandoned rural villages (Manuela Barile) or the passion for amateur football (Duncan Whitley).

5. Projects that involve the human voice and its sensitive connection to human and natural landscape (Marta Bernardes / Ignacio Martínez, Manuela Barile, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang / Nigel Brown and Anna Hints).

Last but not the least, it is worth mentioning that on each residency module, several parallel activities will be developed in connection with students (in cooperation with local schools and universities) and a public presentation of the art projects will be organized.

Artist residencies calendar for 2009:

15 March | 4 April 2009
Joana Nascimento (Portugal)
Peeter Laurits (Estonia)
Rui Silveira (Portugal)
Svetlana Bogomolova (Estonia)

3 May | 23 May 2009
Jason Kahn (USA)
Melanie Velarde (Australia)
Satoshi Morita (Japan)

27 June | 18 July 2009
Ben Owen (USA)
Marta Bernardes & Ignacio Martínez (Portugal / Spain)
Sérgio Bonilha & Luciana Ohira (Brazil)
Sérgio Cruz (Portugal)

1 September | 21 September 2009
Manuela Barile (Italy)
Duncan Whitley (UK)

10 October | 31 October 2009

Anna Hints (Estonia)
Jez Riley French (UK)
Nigel Brown & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Australia / Taiwan)

Note: Please click here to download a digital brochure with the art projects’ description and their authors’ biographies:

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