The first module of the “Aldeias Sonoras” (“Sound Villages”) project is set to happen between February and June 09 in rural areas of the S. Pedro do Sul area (Viseu, PT), in collaboration with students and teachers from the local secondary school and with the financial support of the  S. Pedro do Sul municipality.

“Aldeias Sonoras” is a unique educational project that consists in the recording, editing and mapping of the acoustical heritage from Portuguese rural areas, along with the study of their geographical, historical and socio-cultural specific contexts. The Project is developed in Primary and Secondary schools of all rural Portugal and seeks to put in evidence the sound richness of the Portuguese rural world and the necessity of recording it, involving young people in that process, promoting in parallel a sense of identity and self-esteem towards the countryside life.

“Aldeias Sonoras” will include several theoretical and practical learning modules, to provide students with the appropriate knowledge in sound recording and editing technologies, the use of Internet for the publishing and distribution of information. Each learning module will be associated with several curricular disciplines (history, geography, ecology, citizenship, information technologies, etc.).

The second module of the project is already scheduled to happen in May 09 in the Vimioso area (Bragança, PT), during the “Sons e Ruralidades 09” festival, organized by both Aldeia and AEPGA.

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