Open Call

“Passenger at Home”: Task-based Choreography

Directed by Maile Colbert and Wanda Gala
With dramaturgic support by Rui Catalão
Production: Binaural/Nodar

Centro de Experimentação Artística
Fábrica da Pólvora (Barcarena, Oeiras, Portugal)
27 June – 2 July 2011
Total duration: 42 hours (7 hours/day)

Deadline for reception of applications: 15 June 2011


“Passenger at Home” is a multimedia and multi-disciplinary performance in four acts inspired by the concepts of “home” and “voyage”. The project is directed by the US multidisciplinary artist Maile Colbert and his produced by Binaural/Nodar.

The narrative is a partially fictionalized and personalized account of the Maritime History of Portugal, enacted by dance, vocal performance, live video, live electronic sound and composition, and more. The text, or “lyrics”, of the project are developed by the director with poet Ian Colbert and are based on various texts related to the concept of diaspora, which will be readapted to form a fictionalized and abstract story that will be used to give signals to the performers on their tasks within the performance. The dramaturgy of the project is conceived by Rui Catalão and the composition of these tasks will be developed with the American choreographer Wanda Gala. The structure of the choreography will be based on the research made by Wanda Gala and Maile Colbert and it will be affected by the interaction between the vocal performer, live sound and video and electronics, which will create a holistic composition.

This workshop/residency will focus on exercises using a “task-based” choreographic method and its final result will be used for the public presentations of the “Passenger at Home” project, namely those to be presented in Portugal in a site-specific setting (monumental spaces or spaces related to the Portuguese history or culture). The participants of the workshop will have the opportunity to be part of the group of performers of the said presentations.


Price: 20 Euros per person (does not include transportation or food)

Applications should be sent by email to and should include a letter of motivation, updated curriculum vitae and an artistic portfolio (if available).

Target: Professionals, students or amateurs of multidisciplinary performance who have had prior training in dance, performance or theater.

Biographies of the Co-ordinators:

Maile Colbert (US/Portugal): Artistic director and sound/video artist.
Maile is an intermedia artist from the US, currently living between the States and Portugal, who has been working extensively on the intersections between sound and video creation. She has taught at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema and at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has been developing artistic and video editing work for Binaural/Nodar, Temps D’Images Festival and Queer Lisboa Festival.

Wanda Gala (US/Poland): Choreographic collaboration
Wanda is an arts educator, choreographer and “ethnochoreologist” whose professional interest in the embodiment of cultural phenomenon unifies her practical, academic, and artistic work. As a trained “ethnochoreologist” her work is rooted in an ethnographic and anthropological approach to researching dance and human movement systems.

Rui Catalão (Portugal): Dramaturgic collaboration
Rui participated in “Still Life” (ZDB, 2009), a collaboration with João Galante and Ana Borralho. He was a journalist and critic in Público newspaper (1994-1999), began in 2000 a formative collaboration with the choreographer João Fiadeiro and then worked with Miguel Pereira (Portugal), amongst others. In cinema, he co-wrote the script for “O Capacete Dourado” (The Golden Helmet) (2008) and “Morrer Como um Homem” (To Die Like a Man) (2009).

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