Cidades Sonoras #2
A Binaural/Nodar Educational Project
in partnership with Teatro Viriato

Viseu Historic District
11 to 15 April 2011, 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Target audience: 14 to 17 y.o.
Capacity: 15 participants
Price: 15 Euros
Sign up at Teatro Viriato’s ticket office

Public Presentation: 15 April 2011 at 5.00pm
Teatro Viriato foyer, Viseu

Cidades Sonoras is an educational project focused on the sound mapping of the historic districts of Portuguese cities, which second edition will take place in Viseu. Guided by Binaural/Nodar’s monitors, a group of youths will record the sounds that in their opinion best describe the area as well as the geographic coordinates associated with each sound, other information that describe the context and photos of each location. The final result of this activity will be the collective creation of a sound library presented on a digital map and its public presentation to the city. Cidades Sonoras #2 will seek to highlight the sonic specificity of the city of Viseu despite the growing homogenization of the contemporary urban spaces. The project is structured in such a way that stimulates both the attention to the small acoustic details of the city and the inter-generational contact where the voices carrying the memory of the city will have a crucial role.

The final event of Cidades Sonoras #2 will be part of the program of the International Year of Viseu.