Magaio Voicescapes: selection of artists/projects

The selection committee of Binaural / Nodar anounces the selection of 13 projects to Magaio Voicescapes, part of Nodar Artist Residency Program for 2011. This year we received over 150 high quality applications, which made the selection process extremely difficult.

Here is the list of the selected artists:

-C: Miguel Carvalhais & Pedro Tudela
Duncan Whitley
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang & Nigel Brown
Miriam Van Imschoot & Toine Horvers
Madamme Cell
Carmina Escobar
Dan Scott
Pierre Gauvin
Steve Peters
Clare Charbley & Patricia Azevedo
Gaël Segalen & Joachim Montessuis
Josef Sprinzak
Suzanne Barnard

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