Exhibition by Sérgio Bonilha and Luciana Ohira at PerFormas in Aveiro

Notarium – Cabinet of Small Differences
An exhibition by Sérgio Bonilha and Luciana Ohira
Estúdio Performas, Aveiro (PT)
15 to 18 September 2010

The Brazilian visual and media artists Luciana Ohira and Sérgio Bonilha were invited last year to develop an artist residency in the village of Nodar. At it, they created a series of pieces that responded to the geographical and human environment of the area. Starting from sketches, ideas and some pieces created in the said residency, the artists have expanded, reformulated and speculated them to come up a new set of creations, which will be exhibited in Portugal for the first time.

A) “onde todos se encontram” (where everyone meets), 2009
wood, plaster, jute, polyurethane, audio and electronic components.

B) “automonófono”, 2010
glass, wood, rubber and metal

C) “fluxo cíclico” (cyclic flux), 2009/2010
acrylic, wood, magnesium carbonate, pre-recorded audio and electronic components

D) “paisagem ubíqua” (ubiquitous landscape), 2010
color filters, loudspeakers and video projection

Additional Support:
Marcelo Guarnieri Art Gallery
Atelier Paulista

Artistic Biographies:
Luciana Ohira (1983) and Sergio Bonilha (1976), born and aged in the city of São Paulo (Brazil), are graduated in visual arts by the University of São Paulo e graduate students of the “Visual Poetics” of the same university. Together, they have presented their contrivances in three of the four corners of the Earth.

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