Transit – O Século, Lisbon

A multi-media project by Paul Bradley and Maile Colbert

Friday, October 10th, 2008 – 10.00pm
“O Século” Cultural Center (Lisbon)


the room is dark
the eyes strain to focus
a lack of sight is said to sharpen hearing, invoking a more conscious listening

the sound, somewhere between music and memory
provoking the state right before sleep
when the mind wanders through it’s past.

like staring into the dark as a child
the eyes suddenly snap focus
straining to find if what they thought they saw was actually there.

in and out like breath
images take form around you.

out of the corner of your eye
like night swimming bubbles rising to the surface of a moonlit lake
dreamy figures start to take shape

moving in and out of the space around you
weaving with the sound.

TRANSIT is a 45 minute environment created to immerse the viewer in a space just out of recognition and suspending them in this state to better experience and think about the places in-between. In-between sleep and wakefulness. In-between memory and emotion. In-between the inhale and exhale, where snatches of something almost recognizable appear and dissolve, distorted through our altered consciousness.

A multi-channel audiovisual installation that in its ideal showing will see the audience surrounded by four large projection screens and eight speakers.

“Transit” has the support of Binaural in production and promotion and Maile Colbert is a member artist of Binaural.

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