Pali Meursault’s Universinternational label announces the realease of “Dérives” a compilation CD which includes a sound piece by Binaural’s Rui Costa. Pali Meursault was an artist-in-residency during June 08 at Binaural’s guest studio in Nodar.

Here is the info from the press release:

First, there was the desire of an ambitious record, then to work with these artists, to bring them together. Unavoidably, a rule had to be set, and everybody had enough taste to bend it somewhat.

Francisco López, jgrzinich+murmer, Rui Costa, Pali Meursault, Tô, Maksims Shentelevs and Helena Gough have given us pieces built from an active listening of their own environment.

Beyond a gallery of subjective pictures of the sound landscape, something different emerged: maybe the very specific way an ear plugs to the world, and makes the energy flow between the outside and the inside.

Dérives’ beautiful cover design: