Residência Artística Erva Daninha e Binaural/Nodar no Lafões.Cult.Lab (17.03.2017)

Binaural Nodar & circus company Erva Daninha are preparing a show mixing choreography, sound/visual installation, jugglery, sound anthropology and sound art. This show is called “E-nxada” and is influenced by the lost manuality of agricultural cycles. We have been trying different possibilities to enhance the sound dimension of the show and one occurred last 17.03.2017 at Lafões.Cult.Lab, Binaural/Nodar’s lab space in Município de Vouzela

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Residência Artística Erva Daninha e Binaural / Nodar no Lafões.Cult.Lab (17.03.2017)

Residência Artística da Companhia Erva Daninha e Binaural / Nodar, para a gravação de sons que fizeram parte do espetáculo E-nxada estreado no Teatro Carlos Alberto (Porto), no dia 19.04.2017.


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